Welcome! My name is Kimberly Ballenger and I am the owner of Tactics Matter. I have the distinct honor and privilege of being the Mother to two fine young men, I am the widow to one of my heroes LCDR Gregory Ballenger, USN and I am a proud Texan! I am incredibly fortunate to have the pleasure of being raised in Corpus Christi, Texas by an amazing shero and I am genuinely committed to making our community and surrounding area a better safer community for generations to come!

I began Tactics Matter from a need that I saw within our community. As women our nature is to be loving and nurturing to those that we have been given charge to care for. When we have the desire to protect without the necessary tools to protect, we feel loss. God has given me the ability to fill this void and to help empower women and I am humbled. Many days after a training session I wonder who is the teacher and who is the student. I gain so much from my “students”, their lives and their stories. I am truly blessed beyond measure!